by David Tandet

Samsung had to find a way to separate itself from the rest of the global electronics market. How are they doing it?

By being Wow, Simple and Inclusive.

The product has to be “Wow” enough to catch consumers’ imaginations. In the crowded electronics arena, that can be a tough one. But for a company with the history and market share of Samsung, it’s definitely doable. And it’s very closely connected to the other objectives.

Simple is key. Because no matter how computer-oriented and electronically sophisticated the target audience has become, there’s nothing as appealing as a product that performs hi-tech miracles with a minimal amount of learning required from the consumer. In fact —

Simple + Inclusive = Wow!

So what’s inclusive, you ask?

Ease of use as well as accessibility are two very important factors from the consumer’s perspective.

The 3-pronged approach hits on such key consumer issues that the Samsung product meeting all criteria almost brands itself.

In a time when consumers are bombarded with ever-expanding features from a seemingly endless supply of product names, it’s the “Wow” product that will stay in the fore of consumers’ consciousness.

Not to mention: it doesn’t hurt to advertise during the Superbowl once in a while.

Wow Samsung!

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