About Frontline Writing

In his award-winning Well-Fed Writer series, Atlanta copywriter Peter Bowerman describes the writers group our lead writer founded as “spirited.”

What’s so exciting about B2B and B2C copy?

The chance to enhance clients’ images and increase their sales.

Bottom line? We love helping clients reach their target audience in the clearest, most effective manner.

We take pride in leading the way in professional copywriting standards and obsess about serving clients’ interests.

We write persuasive copy fast.

That dedication was drilled in when I was an undergraduate at the USC School of Journalism. I learned good habits like meeting every deadline and turning in clean copy. Those habits served me well during my work as a paralegal for the distinguished Los Angeles firm Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley & Jennett. I learned to write persuasive copy fast.

Then I decided to put my writing and reliability to work for clients as a marketing communicator and I haven’t looked back.

Call me or send an email. If I’m not immediately available I’ll get back to you pronto.

Contact me for a free consultation or to ask any questions.


(310) 395-8539

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