My Words: Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool.

  • You know you’ve got something special.
  • I make sure your target audience knows it.

You’re putting in the time and effort to offer the best product or service.

But you don’t have the time or staff to handle marketing communications.

That’s where I come in.


  • I get up to speed fast and focus on your marketing objectives.
  • Then I provide writing that makes your target audience take action.

Get results-oriented marketing communications – including SEO web copy – in a timely manner. I’m a Southern California marketing writer who will provide the communications you need. Finance, Public Policy, B2B, B2C – let me provide the media solutions you need to help you achieve your sales objectives in your market.

All at a reasonable price.

Reliability — My Pledge to You

You expect something done by a certain date. That’s the date I give it to you.

My passion for coming in on schedule prompted one B2B writer’s ezine to ask me for tips on reliabiity.

Need a “turnkey” project? I partner with the right designer, photographer or illustrator for the job. Colleagues who will help make your vision a reality. Or, I’ll team with the graphic artist of your choice. My expertise is helping you generate a call to action from all potential B2B and B2C customers in your target audience.

My experience as a biomedical writer can also work to your unique advantage when you want to highlight your product or service’s unique benefits in specialized trade journals.

Here’s what some clients have to say.

Email or call me to request a free proposal.

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