by David Tandet

What Do You Write?

I’m a marketing writer based in Los Angeles.

My copy will move your target audience to action.

I also cover every aspect of life sciences marketing communication, from internal hospital communications to editorial pieces about the cognitive sciences. I specialize in explaining complex healthcare issues to the public.

What Formats Do You Work In?

• Website Content
• Articles/Editorial
• Case Studies
• Newsletter Content
• Internal/External Communications
• Speeches
• Executive Profiles
• Annual Reports
• Grant Proposals
• Event Scripts
• Marketing Brochures – All Sizes
• Ad Copy
• Direct Mai Campaign
• Video/Radio/Internet Scripts
• Taglines/Slogans

How do you organize projects?

One reason you’re hiring me is to save you time. Before I start writing I’m absolutely sure I know your objective and we agree to a completion date. That’s how you get the copy you need – website or tagline, white paper or sales – delivered in the most efficient manner.  You need to be doing what you do best. I do what I do best: communicate to your target audience.

Do you write for organizations that don’t have communications departments? Or do you work with those that already employ full-time marcom professionals?

Both. Smaller organizations don’t always have the budget to hire large firms. That’s one place I perform a huge service. I can provide the right graphic designer and web engineer to put together a complete communications program – a turnkey operation. In those instances we often have a longer up-front consultation so the client knows exactly what to expect.

Larger organizations or marketing firms may outsource parts of big projects. That’s when I’ll come on board, get up to speed fast, and provide top-level work as a team player. Maybe a department head needs a speechwriter. I’ll help out there as well.

What do you charge?

My fee is based on a per project fee or hourly rate. Every job is assessed on its own terms.

How does grant writing work?

Funding for 501(c)(3) organizations usually comes from corporations or foundations. Nonprofits may have a specific funding source in mind. Or, I’ll help determine what grants currently offered best suit a particular project. I work with the client to insure proper program design. The next step usually involves writing a two or three page letter of inquiry.

How long do projects take?

A completion date is agreed to. The client has everything he or she expects by the date promised.

I provide marketing copy that drives sales.

Email or call for a free consultation or to ask any questions.



(310) 395-8539

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