by David Tandet

Ever wonder why some onliners succeed and others don’t?

Peter Bowerman’s The Well-Fed E-Pub is going on a couple of decades. And from the look of things, it’s set for the third just fine

Here’s one of many reasons readers stay interested:

Peter Bowerman stays interested.

A couple of his opinions on how to stay well fed as a writer might have changed in twenty years. (Wouldn’t you be suspicious of someone whose views haven’t evolved one iota?) But Bowerman’s bottom line remains: Freelance Commercial Writing is a great approach to making your way in the world.

Anyway, isn’t the point of staying interested to learn what’s true now? Keep what works? Let go what doesn’t? I know I can see what’s working in the FLCW world – and why – when I read the Well-Fed E-Pub.

Who better to give us his ideas than the guy who’s never stopped succeeding at it?

I have to admit: I don’t run down every link in each issue of the Well-Fed E-Pub. My loss. Because more often than not, they’re pretty damn good.

Here’s one from an early E-Pub: The point made by Francine Hardaway in that article? Much of what passes for professional business writing sucks! Which is encouragement for freelancers well worth the price of admission (simply sign up).

Check out the tasty servings from someone who DOES track down the cool connections and saves nourishing morsels for readers. They’re served monthly – ready to go.

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