Fundraising Letter

Save A Horse. Change Your Life.

Every year, thousands of horses are abused, neglected and abandoned.

But there is hope.

The California Coastal Horse Rescue provides sanctuary for mistreated horses while we find new, loving homes for them. We’re often saving a horse’s life.

And since 2002, our Horses H.A.Y. program — Horses Helping At-Risk Youth — has used riding and horse care skills to help Ventura County’s young people in need become productive members of society.

There’s really nothing to compare to the way that makes us feel. That’s why it’s a privilege to be able to volunteer our time and efforts.

Still, the food, shelter, and medical attention the horses so desperately need cost a lot of money.

Can you help?

You can be certain that your donation will assist a great deal. And it will be greatly appreciated.

The thing is, once you realize how you’re helping these horses, and the lives of young people in our community that our programs assist, our appreciation will hardly matter.

You’re going to feel something extra-special this Christmas. Something inside yourself that you’ll always have.

Please feel free to call us at (805) 641-0247. We’d like to tell you more about how we give horses that have been abused, neglected and abandoned a second chance.

We believe the more you know, the more you’ll realize what a positive change you can make. A positive change in the lives of these horses. And a positive change in another life. Your own.

California Coastal Horse Rescue

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