by David Tandet

A colleague told me about a client he was about to start working with.

I asked who their target audience is.

My friend had an answer.

Then I asked if the client expected to attract –

1) A greater number of similar individuals;

2) An additional group of somewhat similar, yet different, consumers;

3) Or whether, perhaps, the client was trying to interest current loyal customers in an expanded group of related services.

My friend wasn’t sure, and he got my drift.

A couple of days later my friend told me the client was hoping to attract new customers. AND interest current customers in expanded services.

The moral of the story: learn all you can about your new or future client.

Find out exactly who they expect you to gear your marketing material towards.

A client might assume you’re already completely aware of everything they want to accomplish.

A client might be making a completely correct assumption.

Or be completely off-base.

Make sure you and your client are on the same page from square one.

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