by David Tandet

Branding happens.

A relationship occurs between your business and consumers whether it’s the one you’re hoping for or not. Take things in the direction you want them to go.

Are you a neighborhood hardware store that folks enjoy mulling around in? But you take your time on that special order? You might have a reputation as the friendly place around the corner where people go for an occasional role of duct tape. And your neighborhood customers are regularly hitting the national chain a mile away for advanced power tool parts.

That’s okay if you don’t mind giving away the business. Just know you’ve been branded. Either promote your current brand or work on the image you want. Tell customers what you’re about. Then make sure you live up to the promise. Hand customers a newsletter that tells people you’ve got their power part. Know the answer when customers that start buying it from you have questions.

Has your store had an “adorable” sign out front with a letter missing for years? Maybe your neighborhood regulars even tell you how cute it is. That doesn’t stop them from spending money at the national chain.

Evaluate your marketing communications. Make sure they’re in line with exactly what you’re trying to communicate. Your balance sheet will thank you.

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