by David Tandet

Did you see US News and World Report‘s list of Best Hospitals? How about the Wall Street Journal‘s list of the Best Health Books? Lists are always an efficient marketing tool to position your company in front of the rest. When it comes to healthcare, pharmacology and bioscience, the following reasons demand your attention:

1. Lists are authoritative.

Strength and leadership positioning — it’s all in a list.

2.  Lists allow visitors to target special areas of interest or concern.

Fast focus means fast feedback. You’ll know what healthcare items businesses and consumers need to know more about right away.

3. People keep returning to lists.

You’re giving a target audience useful healthcare information. If it’s in list format, your audience will save it and return.

4. Social networking venues love gems. Your healthcare lists are gems.

Lists are a perfect fit for venues like Facebook and Twitter.

5. Editors love lists — especially for science and technology. They’re great for press releases.

Flexible, space-adaptable — lists make bioscience appealing.

6. Lists force you to present clearly.

In healthcare sales, clear and direct is everything.

7. Healthcare business people and consumers interested in the subject matter will be more inclined to take lists with them.

Phone, iPad — a list lends itself.

8. You can keep adding to it.

Sometimes you want to add something to the discussion. Lists (“Five more ways the X500 saves your hospital money”) let you do it quickly and clearly.

9. Numbers give bio-topic readers hooks to hang their hats on.

People process organized material faster. Lists help your visitor out with more complex or controversial healthcare information.

10. You’ll approach scientific issues in a disciplined way.

Forming a list keeps you from inadvertently omitting potentially important points.

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